Advanced Excel CORPORATE Course Rs.1?,550 (3 Modules)

Duration : 3 Month Daily

Advance Features of Ms-Excel. Advanced Excel course also enables the student to utilize, the advance features taught in this course in an office environment with maximum efficiency. Extra Projects & Practical Training make you an expert.

Module 1

BASIC Microsoft Excel :

  •  Spreadsheet basics
  • Creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets
  • Working with functions & formulae
  •  Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs
  • Analyzing data : Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data
  • Working with functions & formulaeFormatting worksheets , Securing & Protecting spreadsheets

ADVANCED Excel Contents :

Formulas & Macros Formulas:

  •  Use the Function Wizard, Common functions
  • Nested functions , Name cells /ranges /constants
  • Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references : >,<,= operators
  • Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • The LOOKUP function , Date and time functions , Annotating formulas

DATA Analysis :

  •  Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
  • Password Protecting Worksheets
  • Linking Multiple Sheets
  • Sheet Referencing
  • Linking Between Word/Excel/Ppt


  •  What-if-analysis
  • Reporting
  • Character Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Age Calculations
  • Consolidation of Data
  • Data Validation


  •  Enter the Pivot Table Data
  • Create the Pivot Table
  • Adding Data to the Pivot Table
  • Filtering the Pivot Table Data
  • Change the Pivot Table Data
  • Analyze Data Columns in Pivot Tables
  • Adjust Data to Analyze

MACRO’S ( Int ) :

  •  Macros
  • Definition and use, Record a macro
  • Assign a macro, Run a macro
  • Store a macro, Introduction to VBA Prog.

Develop the Worksheet :

  •  Plan a worksheet , Row and Column labels
  • Split worksheet /box /bar, Copy data and formulas
  • Display /move toolbars , Enhance worksheet Appearance

Special Operations :

  •  Use multiple windows : Copy/ paste between Worksheets
  • Link worksheets , Consolidate worksheets
  • Import and link from other Applications
  • Use AutoFormat : Create, use and modify styles and templates
  • Print features : Create /edit an outline
  • Graphic Operations:
  • Create charts , Enhance charts, Drawing toolbar features

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Module 2

Corporate Advanced Excel Course

  •  Performing complex calculations more efficiently,
  • Using various Excel functions and executing in Dynamic projects
  • Organizing and analysing large volumes of data
  •  Creating MIS reports
  • Designing and using templates
  • Consolidating and managing data from multiple workbooks.
  • Writing conditional expressions (using IF)
  • Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Using lookup and reference functions
  • VlookUP with Exact Match, Approximate Match
  • Nested VlookUP with Exact Match
  • VlookUP with Tables, Dynamic Ranges
  • Using VLookUP to consolidate Data from Multiple Sheets
  • Advanced Formatting: Using conditional formatting option for rows, columns and cells
  •  Formatting & customizing Pivot tables
  • Using advanced options of Pivot tables, Pivot charts
  • Consolidating data from multiple sheets
  •  Using external data sources
  • Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data
  • Show Value As ( % of Row, % of Column,
  • Running Total, Compare with Specific Field)
  • Viewing Subtotal under Pivot
  • Advanced Date & Time Functions
  • Data Validation in financial functions
  • Advanced Shortcut Keyboard Commands
  • Create Forms with Radio Buttons, Selection tools,
  • other programming tools.
  • Creating Slicers (2013 version)

Module 3

Advanced Excel Macro's

Part 1 : Functions & Procedures

  •  Create Functions & Procedures
  • Design & Create reports
  • Understanding Security Levels
  • Security Levels & Meaning

Part 2 : Functions

  •  What is Function and Subroutine
  • Writing Functions using VBA Editor
  • Calling function in other workbook
  • Relative & Absolute Macros

Part 3 : Recording Macros

  • Recording and running macro
  • Storing macro in different books
  • Creating buttons & assigning macros
  • Creating My Menu

Part 4 : The Visual Basic Editor [ VBE ]

  • Editing macros using VBA Editor
  • Understanding the project explorer
  • Exploring windows properties
  • Modifying code & Debugging code

Part 5 : Programming Fundamentals

  • Variables, Data types &Constants
  • Arrays ,Object Variables
  • Conditional structures (If Then,Select Case)
  • Logical Operators / Looping constructs
  • (For loops, Do loops, While)
  • Built-in functions, Creating Subroutines

Part 6 : User Forms

  • Creating forms, Form events
  • Creating custom menus & toolbars
  • Creating Add-ins

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